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The continuity, strength and beauty of Pilamon is embodied in the language and style of comfort in this sofa The structure of this sofa is made of a combination of wood, metal and super HR cloud, and beech wood is used in the facade. Paula is a product with a very simple and smooth bed mechanism structure, the comfort of Paula’s mechanism is designed in such a way that children can easily open and close it, and in the singles of this sofa, by using a medical cloud and a long back, it creates The feeling of relaxation becomes long-lasting. The unique design of this sofa is such that it can be arranged in different ways with any taste in any space and environment such as home, office, hotel, etc.

Material :

Russian Wood & Beech Wood Super Hr fome

A multifaceted and versatile lexicon in which the rigour of forms is combined with their ability to accommodate.

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